Hotel Emblem Entrance Mural
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Hotel Emblem Entrance Mural

Hotel Emblem Entrance Mural


This project has been in the works since late 2018.  I was originally contacted to paint a mural on the exterior of the Hotel Emblem Union Square, San Francisco. This was put on hold or had delays due to not having access to the building next door to the property were the mural was going. We needed access to hoist up the suspended scaffold. So the GM insisted I come up for one of the interior murals, and later come back for the main exterior mural later this year.

Well, long of the short story is that after I had completed the interior mural, I was asked to create one for the front wall of the entrance to the hotel, this is huge since its what you see when you enter, granted I could not get too street, or too busy on this one. It had to be clean and easy to read. so here you have a gallery of those walls.

We will post the interior wall in a separate portfolio page as well.

This project is still ongoing.


August 2020

  • Murals